Infrastructure Management

EH-PCtech works with our clients developing
strategies and projecting their company's growth to maximizing their IT investment.  EH-PCtech employs its in-depth industry and technical knowledge to helps clients extract maximum value from their IT investments. 

EH-PCtech's Infrastructure Management Services minimizes downtime and risk, helping you realise the full value of your data and infrastructure, the cornerstone of your IT.

From design and administration to monitoring and support, EHPCtech delivers the best technologies and operational processes into your IT systems and creates optimal efficiency, reliability, availability and speed, improving your organization's agility, business continuity, and scalability, at a predictable cost.

My expertise ensures your critical infrastructure is optimized for performance, flexibility, and security, providing a practical solution for organizations without the expertise or resources to manage server environments in-house.

Improved Availability and Stability
  •     Resolve potential issues before they affect your infrastructure with predictive fault detection via real-time monitoring
  •     Ensure a stable systems, server, and operating environment and mitigate security risks by initiating regular software and firmware updates
  •     Standardize server environment through industry best practice
  •     Ensure stable releases and updates through proven release and deployment methodology

Improved Performance
  •     Make sure performance remains at peak levels with proactive monitoring and analysis of critical metrics
  •     Improvement of operating conditions based on ongoing capacity and demand analysis of business activity patterns
  •     Reduce technology and asset risk through server life-cycle management