Network Management

EH-PCtech's Network Management Services maximizes up-time of the complex and ever evolving technologies that connect and
enable your business.

From monitoring of critical systems through to facilitating communication, EH-PCtech enhances network performance, availability and security, allowing you to become more resilient and adaptable, reduce maintenance costs and administrative overheads and securely adopt transformational technologies.

Managed Wireless

EH-PCtech's Managed Wireless solution delivers cost effective centralized management to ensure your wireless network remains secure  and available.

    Our technology and expertise removes the inherent management challenges from increasingly complex networks and opens up the potential to redefine the way you operate        while allowing you to focus on your core business.

Improved Availability and Stability
  • Centralized wireless network management.
  • Real-time measurement of network performance
  • Security enforcement to ensure organizational policies are in effect across the entire wireless network at all times
  • Ensure a stable operating environment and mitigate security risks with proactive software and firmware updates
Improved Performance   
  • Increased security with rogue access point detection, containment and remediation  
  • Improvement of operating conditions based on ongoing capacity and demand analysis of business activity patterns

Managed Networks

EH-PCtech's Managed Networks solution employs management and monitoring solutions to ensure your LAN / WAN environment
is managed efficiently.

    Our Network Operations Center monitors and manages your network around the clock to keep it secure and accessible, minimizing the potentially wide-reaching adverse business and operational effects of a network fault or breach. 

Improved availability, stability and performance
  •     Ensure performance is at optimum levels with proactive maintenance, monitoring and analysis of key performance  measurements
  •     Resolve potential issues before they affect your infrastructure with predictive fault detection via real-time monitoring
  •     Ensure a stable operating environment  and mitigate security risks by initiating regular  software and firmware updates
  •     Improvement of operating conditions based on ongoing capacity and demand analysis of business activity patterns
Efficiency Gains
  •    Accommodate fluctuating business requirements through  scaleable managed network services supported by predictable service costs
  •    Improve productivity and minimize downtime though efficient network management methodologies and processes