Storage Solution

EH-PCtech's Storage Service solutions provide an unmatched level of flexibility for your storage needs. EH-PCtech can address your file storage, file sharing, computer backup and performance storage needs with scaleable, efficient and low risk solutions. 

Utility Storage

EH-PCtech's onsite and offsite storage addresses your file storage, file sharing and computer backup needs in an easy-to-use online solution, and allows for secure collaboration between your business colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Improved efficiency
  •     Create file server access to virtually limitless storage space
  •     Data is intelligently cached in and out of the Utility Storage platform, providing fast access to recently used data
  •     Private and secure file exchange without having to set up unique access for each party
  •     Optional local Cloud file server replacement solution for added functionality and file access without internet

Minimal risk
  •     Remove the frustration, risk and cost of local tape backup
  •     Enjoy the highest level of security via an encrypted platform with access controls
  •     World-class data protection technology and tiered security management policies ensure privacy and integrity of all your critical business files
  •     Centralized administration, encrypted access and three-way data mirroring ensure complete security of your data.