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Home and business Desktop Computers

Desktops Computers are used for both home and business applications, gaming, school, work, video editing and much more. They are easy to upgrade and maintain. Can be more powerful than a laptop.

Home and Business Laptop Computers

Laptop's are designed to be mobile and screen sizes can vary from 11" to 20" displays. Laptops are becoming more popular than PC's because you are not just confined to a desk. They can be used for Internet browsing, email, gaming, art, design, photography and right through to high end business applications.

Servers - Stand Alone, Rack Mounted and Blade Servers

Servers allow a central location to store and share information for your business. Depending on the size of your business and your requirements, will depend on which server or servers will fulfil your requirements.

Software - Microsoft, Internet Security and Adobe

At EHPCtech, we sell all the major brands, Microsoft, Adobe, Sage, F-Secure, Kaspersky etc.

Laptop Cases - Lifestyle, Business and Sleeves

Laptop cases come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you a business person looking for a professional case or a student looking to keep inline with fashion, then we can help. Come and visit our store to see which laptop bag is right for you.

Printers, Scanner, Copier All In One

There are various options for you. You can either have a stand alone printer or you can have a multi-function. A Multi-function printer, scanner and copier provides you with copying, scanning and printing in one unit. You can have a business class all in one that can offer a fax function as well.

Broadband / Cable Routers, Home Plugs and Access Points

Internet / Broadband problems normally occur if you do not use a reliable router. At EH-PCtech, we use both Netgear and CIsco, which can be more expensive than other brands, but will provide you with more reliability and performance.

Monitors - TFT, LCD and LED

Monitors vary from design, color, resolution, speed and size. They can connect via VGA, DVI and HDMI to your PC or Laptop. Monitors have been refined in the technology they use to improve the viewing display using TFT, LCD and the most recent, LED.

External Hard Drives - USB, Firewire and Network Attached Storage

External Drives are a way of backing up your information so that if your computer breaks down, you do not loose your valuable information. Please remember, do not use an external drive to free up space on your computer as if your external drive fails, your data is LOST.

Cables - Network, SVGA, HDMI, USB and Firewire Leads

EHPCtech provides various types of cables and leads. Some cables depending on the length you require may need to be ordered in or made up for you.