Small Business Telephone Solutions

    EHPCtech provides business wide IP telephony solutions.  Our phones deliver high-performance business phone systems and cloud services that are simple, intuitive and uniquely integrated.  The systems are backed by superior technical support and available in multiple deployment models. 

    Due to the speed and versatility of today's IP networks, PBXs and systems are no longer required at every location. EHPCtech can provide a single highly available system which simply requires connection of an IP or SIP handset to a LAN port at any enterprise office or campus.

     EHPCtech can provide voicemail, extension to extension dialing and extension portability across a single geographically diverse network, in house or the cloud.

     IP telephone systems can directly interface to the data network and source power compatible POE data switches. EHPCtech phone solution uses a built in Diffserv QOS, Quality of Service, protocol to ensure The telephone system has priority over data. In this way, IP telephones and computer equipment share the same Ethernet switch port, reducing the amount of network and structured cabling infrastructure required.

     EHPCtech offers small to medium business IP telephony solutions, with the PBX on site or a cloud-based solution.